Best Heart Hospital in Ongole


Stressand strain, frustration are ever increasing in this competitive world.Almost all sections of the people at all ages are being subjected to some or other psychological stress. Its not an exaggeration to say that at least 10-20% of any medical outpatients have actually some psychological disorderand the services of a psychiatrist is very much under utilized.

Anxiety, depression, suicidal tendenciesor attempts, chronic headache , abnormal behaviourare some of the common presentations which need psychiatrist help.

Dr. Annapurna with her vast exposure and training in Institute of mental Health Hyderabad , a premiere institute for mental health and decades of experience helped several mentally incapacitated peopleto lead their normal livesand some of them are in responsible high positions.

Presently we are confining our psychiatric services to outpatient care only for lack of dedicated space for psychiatric wing.