Modern ICU
Modern ICU

We have 4 specialised types of ICU in the hospital : ICCU,MICU, RICU and CTICU. All the ICUs are equipped with state of art life support systems including defibrillators, Ventilators ,central oxygen , mobile X ray, infusion pumps, bedside echo,invasive blood pressure monitoring systems, etc.

Our ICUs are very spacious to ensure infection control among patients as well as to provide patient comfort and privacy.

Our ICU staff are well experienced, and professional which can make lot of impact in the patient outcomes.

OT Complex

Our OT complex is located in the top floor. Our Operation theatres are modular with laminar airflow facility.Uninterrupted power supply is ensured at all times.

We have all the latest gadgetry for cardiac surgeries like Sarns 9000 Heart- Lung machine.

We have advanced facilities for non cardiac surgeries also like C-arm for Orthopedic surgeries and a laproscopic workstation for general surgeries.

Digital Cathlab

We have a Philips FD 10 Cathlab. It is one of the best reviewed cathlabs known for providing superb image quality and additionally we have stent boost technology enabling precise stenting.

In addition to routine angiograms and angioplasties, we also undertake electrophysiological studies, Radiofrequency ablations for arrythmias and permanent pacemaker implantations . Intra aortic baloon pump support is available on standby at all times.


Echocardiography is an integral part of cardiac examination and realizing its importance diagnosis we have acquired ultra-modern echo machines like PHILIPS EPIQ7 which has 3D / 4D live cardiac ultra sound .It is the first and the only one of its kind in prakasam district and one of the very few in our state and country.

We have Philips CX50 with equal diagnostic excellence, exclusively meant for interventions and intra-op cardiac surgeries and bedside echos in ICCU.

We have an additional echo machine readily available in the casualty(Emergency room) minimizing the delay in care of critical patients. We undertake all types of echo study viz. ADULT,PAEDIATRIC, FETAL, TRANSESOPHAGEAL,, VASCULAR DOPPLER AND DOBUTAMINE STRESS ECHO, fulfilling the needs of all varieties of cases.

Diagnostic Service

We have both Outpatient and inpatient diagnostic services

We have all cardiac specific investigations like ECG , 3D 4D live ECHO, COLOUR DOPPLER , TREADMILL TEST , 24 HOUR HOLTER STUDY , X-RAY, etc.

Our INHOUSE LABORATORY runs 24 hours a day,7 days a week. We perform all regular bio-chemical , serological, pathological and microbiological investigations in house . We have tie ups with dedicated NABL accredited diagnostic centres like VIMTA, RANBAXY for rare investigations. We also have external quality control system tie up with CMC vellore which is one of the most premier institutes in India to monitor and maintain the standards of our laboratory.

Our rigorous quality control protocols are one of the reasons for our amazing results in patient care.


We maintain the CSSD as per the NABH guidelines. Utmost precautions are taken and protocols are strictly followed during the sterilizing process.We have horizontal, vertical sterilizers, ETO sterilizer and a flash sterlizer as well.


We have 24x7 available in-house pharmacy, maintained by pharmacists. We make sure all our stock comes from standard companies only.

Appropriate care is taken in drug storage. Life saving , essential medicines are available on hand in the emergency room and the ICU at all times so that the patient attendents do not have trouble during emergencies.

Ambulance Service

We have fully equipped and manned hospital ambulance with life supporting systems like defibrillator ventilator to pickup and transport the patient.

What is unique about our ambulance is that we have remote monitoring and electronic transfer facility of the patients ECG and other vital data which matters a lot in the patient outcomes.