About Us

Best Heart Hospital in Andhra pradesh

Amrutha Heart Hospital was established by Dr. V. Kesava and Dr. Annapurna in 1997. We are the first super speciality cardiac care centre in Prakasam District. We are aslo the first centre to start interventional cardiac procedures and cardiac surgeries (both open heart surgeries and minimally invasive cardiac surgeries) in the district. Under the eminent leadership of Dr. V. Kesava, our hospital has rendered outpatient services to more than 4.5 lakh people and inpatient services to more than 40 thousand people.

Our success rates are among the best with fewer than 1% mortality in patients undergoing cardiac surgeries (Success Rate > 99%) and fewer than 0.1% mortality in patients undergoing cath procedures (Success Rate > 99.9%)

An equally important fact is that these results were achieved at a fraction of the cost of big corporate hospitals.

Till date, we have provided more than 9000 needy patients with free treatment. We are committed to our moto “to serve the society by helping people live more heart healthy lives”.